Fort Everdingen

Fort Everdingen on the banks of the Lek lies in a strategic location on the border with Gelderland. This mighty tower fort was built in 1842-1847 on the T-junction between the Diefdijk and the Lekdijk to reinforce the New Dutch Water Line. For centuries, this was the most important defence line of the Netherlands. Together with its sister fort, Honswijk, on the other side of the river, Fort Everdingen protected the access to the River Lek. It made it impossible for the enemy to break through the Water Line via the river or over the dikes.

Fort Everdingen is now owned by the Duits&Lauret Brewery. In addition to a brewery and tasting room, the fort site also contains a small-scale nature campsite. Tastings can be combined with a site tour and fort viewing.

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