Visit the Grote Kerk in Vianen - A unique burial monument

The Grote Kerk (Great Church) was erected by the Van Brederode family as a place of worship and to commemorate the height of their power.

In the Grote Kerk on Voorstraat, you can find the 'Brederode Chapel' with a burial monument unique in the Netherlands: the grave of Reinoud III van Brederode and his wife Philippote van der Marck. They were the parents of Hendrik van Brederode, ‘the Great Geus’. It is attributed to the sculptor Colijn de Nole, who then worked in Utrecht and dates from around 1540. Only one other example of such a double-deck grave is known in the Netherlands: the monument to Engelbrecht II of Nassau and his wife, in the Grote Kerk of Breda.

Visiting hours Grote Kerk

27 april until 10 october: 
Wednesday, friday, saturday: 14.00 -16.30 hour
Sunday:14.00 - 16.00 hour

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